Monday, October 13, 2014

Let the Potty Training Begin!

I'm super anxious for tomorrow morning, not really anxious-excited, more like anxious-terrified. Tomorrow morning, Farzy is going to start her potty training. We tried a few months ago, and she was definitely not ready. She would get upset, not really understand what we were asking, so we made the decision to stop and let her (and US!) get a little more ready.

Last week we went and bought some big girl undies, and today Farzy went to Target and I let her pick out whatever potty chair that she wanted. We had tried to use one of those seats that go on top of your regular toilet seat before, but it moved a little and scared her, so today she went and picked out this very pink potty, with a giant princess crown on it. (For the record I have no idea where I got this super-girly, princess loving kiddo! That's not really how I was as a kid, or how I am as an adult). She is really excited to play with it, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow! Wish us luck!

How did potty training go for your family? What tips and tricks do you have? 

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