101 in 1001

Start Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
End Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Goals Completed: 36 of 101 (Updated 2.10.2015) 
Goals in Progress: 12 of 65 remaining 

1. Read 25 books (6/25) 
2. Go on 25 date nights with Ace (5/25) 
3. Leave a note for the next reader in my favorite book at the library
4. Go two weeks without social media
5. Go a week without watching TV 
6. Write a letter to myself to open in ten years (Completed February 8, 2015) 
7. Meet one of the S13 Mamas in person (Completed August 9, 2014: Amber) 
8. Meet one of the TTGP Grad Mamas in person (Completed July 13, 2014: Carina) 
9. Get 20 people to walk with me (and Rubles!) during the American Heart Association Heart Walk
10. Have weekly dinner with my parents for a month (Completed June 22, 2014)
11. Actually "do" my hair every day for two weeks 
12. Put make up on every day for two weeks 
13. Have picnic with my family in the park 
14. Get a tattoo
15. Watch 26 movies I've never seen, one that starts with each letter of the alphabet (11/26)
16. Listen to Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (31/500) 
17. Go by myself to see a movie
18. Get pictures of the girls taken by Carina Retallack (Completed July 13, 2014) 
19. Dress up in some theme with Ace, Scar and Rubes for Halloween (Completed October 31, 2014: Peter Pan Themed!) 
20. Plan a 10 Year "Reunion" for my Davis Friends (Completed November 1, 2014: Planned for Nov. 15th) 
21. Have a "Mommy/Daughter" day, one with each girl 
22. Start a Blog (Completed April 22, 2014) 
23. Take a picture of both girls every day for a month 
24. Inspire someone else to make a 101 in 1001 List (Completed May 18, 2014: Shail) 

25. Try 20 New Restaurants (3/20) 
26. Cook 30 Completely New Dishes (variations of dishes I've already made don't count!!) (28/30)
27. Plant an herb garden (Completed February 9, 2015) 
28. Plant a vegetable garden 
29. Use five different herbs/vegetables that I have grown in one recipe 
30. Pickle three different foods (Completed June 9, 2014: Beets, Garlic, Onions)
31. Try 15 new wines (7/15) 
32. Take a cooking class
33. Go one month without eating out (Completed June 3, 2014) 
34. Eat ten new foods that I have never had before (Completed December 15, 2014) 
35. Order and drink a Martini (Completed July 23, 2014) 
36. Host a dinner at my house for friends 15 times (9/15)
37. Take Ace to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for dinner (Completed July 23, 2014) 
38. Enjoy "Meatless Mondays" for two months (Completed November 24, 2014) 

39. Run a 5K (No walking!) 
40. Run/Walk a Half Marathon (Completed April 26, 2014)
41. Reach my goal weight 
42. Run at least a mile every day for a month 
43. Do all 90 days of the BBM Challenge 
44. Go one month with no sweats (Completed June 3, 2014)
45. Floss my teeth every day for a month 
46. Do some sort of "fun run" with Ace 
47. Schedule check-up appointments with my dentist and doctor 
48. Learn to jump one foot off the ground 
49. Beat Ace at some sort of physical activity 

50. Write 25 personal thank you letters to hospital staff
51. Send 25 cards to family and friends that helped during our time at the hospital 
52. Donate blood five times 
53. Leave a 100% tip 
54. Buy the drink of the person behind me at Starbucks
55. Bake someone cupcakes, just because 
56. Make a meal for a friend with a new baby (Completed July 27, 2014: Baby Hanna) 
57. Complete ten Random Acts of Kindness (2/10) 
58. Bake cookies and take them to a neighbor 
59. Register for the National Bone Marrow Registry (Completed August 15, 2014)
60. Make a visit with Ruby to see the night shift nurses (Completed September 8, 2014) 
61. Get Rubles' story posted on the PCICU's "Wall of Hope" 

62. Take the girls to Fairytale Land (Completed July 20, 2014) 
63. Take the girls to Disneyland 
64. Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge 
65. Visit five museums with Ace and the girls 
66. Go to a Pens game with Ace (even if it's on the West Coast) 
67. Take the girls to pay respects to Ace's Dad
68. Go camping 
69. Go to a concert with Ace
70. Visit a Historical Landmark I've never been to before 
71. Take the girls to a water park 
72. Go see a new musical I have never seen before (Completed November 12, 2014) 
73. Go to a state that I have never been before 

74. Make home-made gifts for everyone for one Christmas (Completed December 24, 2014) 
75. Make handprint art for each girls' room
76. Make a quilt for both girls (working on these!) 
77. Complete five projects I find on Pinterest (Completed September 5, 2014) 
78. Complete a coloring book (Color every page!) (7/45 pages complete!)
79. Fill in both girls' first year picture frames 
80. Fix up an old piece of furniture 
81. Make 10 hair bows for the girls 
82. Plan and schedule a craft day with family/friends (Completed October 12, 2014)
83. Send family members a homemade ornament for Christmas 

84. Decorate our bedroom 
85. Find and hang and "M" in our house (Completed January 20, 2015) 
86. Hang up Christmas lights on the outside of our house (Completed December 5, 2014)
87. Get fresh flowers for our house every week for a month 
88. Make a photo wall in my house (Completed September 5, 2014) 
89. Plant flowers in my front yard 
90. Organize the garage (Completed May 4, 2014) 
91. Redecorate the girls' bathroom (Completed August 31, 2014) 
92. Update the pictures of our family that are hanging in our house (Completed September 5, 2014)  
93. Set up a legit office area for me (Completed July 6, 2014) 

94. Buy a new home with a better layout for our family (Completed June 13, 2014) 
95. Become debt free (except mortgage) (Completed June 12, 2014) 
96. Raise $500 selling no longer needed items ($626/500! Completed on November 25, 2014)
97. Get a more economical/gas efficient vehicle 
98. Donate money to a kick starter campaign 
99. File my taxes before February 15th 
100. Put $5 in a bank for each task completed on this list 

101. WRITE A NEW 101 in 1001 LIST!! (10/101) 

Check out this other list from a friend of mine! I used some of her goals, and ultimately she inspired me to make my own list:
Bird and the Bees

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