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I'm a 28 year old wife and mother who is looking to take her life in a new direction. I want to get happier and healthier, mentally, physically, emotionally, and me more intentional about my own happiness and the happiness of those around me. I recently took a leave of absence at my job as a High School English teacher, so that I can be with my daughters during the day and enjoy the precious time that I have with them. I work from home now, so juggling both is sometimes difficult, but I am loving the challenge so far!

I don't qualify myself as a Blog/Pinterest-worthy mom that has time to throw elaborate dinner parties, and kids that will sit still long enough to make macaroni masterpieces, but I am a mom that wants to share with other moms that on some days doing "okay" is a great achievement. I want to share regular recipes that don't take a long time, and fun crafts that I love to make.... not because I think I'm doing it so much better (trust me, I'm not), but because I genuinely think moms should non-judgmentally share with one another. I have gotten some of my favorite recipes, food ideas, clothing recommendations, etc. from other mom friends that are just looking to be helpful, not trying to preach that it can be "so much better" or in a way that subtly makes you feel less than.

I'm all about cooking, and coming up with new recipes. I love to bake, but I'm a better cook. I plan on sharing load of new recipes, that I'm trying to update with healthier, cleaner ingredients. My husband isn't the most adventurous eater, but he's willing to eat pretty much anything I make, so I'm always looking to try new things with different ingredients. I also LOVE to craft and DIY pretty much anything, I love getting those creative juices flowing! From household goodies, to toddler art projects, to hair bows, I'm all about crafting something myself, if I can.

I'm also a self proclaimed Harry Potter nerd, who loves terrible television. The trashier the better, but I draw the line at Honey Boo Boo. That's even too much for me.

I have a husband, Ace, of four years. We have been together since we both were sixteen years old, and he absolutely the love of my life. He is undoubtedly the one who helps me to keep it together. I'm guilty of being overly focused, and he is playful and joyous, and helps me to not take all things too seriously. He is encouraging, competitive, althetic, probably too confident in all things, but I love him for all of it. He is naturally gifted at pretty much any sport or activity, and one of these days I will finally beat him at something. 

My two daughters are beautiful, and look amazingly similar to my husband and to each other. Scar is two and a half years old, and makes me laugh all day long. She just says the funniest things and is so silly, but at the same time is so focused and determined. She is an observer by nature, and isn't one of those kids that will try something and fail a bunch of times before they get it. She will wait, and wait and wait and watch before trying. It's a good skill to have, but sometimes prevents her from taking risks when she should. Rubes is almost 11 months old, one smile from her just makes my day. This kid is so blessed it is unbelievable (to be fair, both of my girls are). She is a fighter, for damn sure, and loves to laugh with (and at) her sister. She inspires me every day to fight for what I want, and to push forward despite how bleak things look.

If you have a question, comment about a post, or if you just want to tell me how cool I am, send me an email at AGirlAfterMyOwnHeart@gmail.com. I would LOVE to hear from you. 

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