Monday, November 3, 2014

Clean Eating Challenge: Week 2

This week seemed to go better than last week, I was less scrambled trying to find stuff to eat, and better prepared, which is so unbelievably helpful. One of my biggest successes was staying away from the TONS of Halloween candy that we've had in our house. We bought a lot for Trick or Treaters, and then our Halloween got rained out, and we literally have four huge bags of candy that went undated. Ace is picking at it, and it is just staring at me. Stupid mini-Kit Kats have been calling my name, but I haven't had ANY! That is a huge win in my book!

I did have some not so great meal choices, but tried not to focus on those overall. Those meals could have definitely been better, but overall my choices have been healthier and that is my focus. Making more healthy choices than non-healthy ones. I really think that is going to be the only way that I will be able to sustain a healthier lifestyle. I have had no success in the past when I cut out entire food groups or really limited myself.

This coming week, I really want to focus more on adding in some more exercise and trying to completely wean myself from caffeine. I only had a few glasses of full-caf coffee, but I want to try to drop it all together. It's hard because the girls haven't been sleeping that well, and I'm struggling with sleep because of it. With no sleep, it's hard to drop my cup-o-Joe in the mornings as my pick me up.

Anyway, below you will find some pictures and an explanation of what I ate this week, and how my water consumption was going. I'm looking forward to Week 3, and really feel like I'm hitting my stride with the food. I am the most prepped and prepared for this week, and I'm hoping it translates in my choices. I also want to try to get some more food in. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but eating smaller meals and snack throughout the day, really does help keep your metabolism up and running, which is better overall. I have a hard time finding time to sit down and eat meals, so I'm not sure where I'll find the time to grab a snack, but I'm going to try. I have some nuts, berries, veggies, etc. that I'm hoping I can grab on the go.

Day 8:
Breakfast: Coffee with Cream (skipped real food accidentally, because it was such a busy morning!) 
Lunch: Chocolate Protein Smoothie 
Dinner: Veggie Stew and some French Bread (the bread isn't pictured, it was impulsive and not planned) 
Water Intake: 101.8 oz

Day 9:
Breakfast: DECAF Coffee with Cream and a Fruit Protein Smoothie
Lunch: Brown Rice, Peas and Cottage Cheese
Dinner: Chili! I made this one with lean ground beef, but I would have preferred it with ground turkey.
Water Intake: 100.0 oz

Day 10:
Breakfast: 1 egg and 2 egg whites and Brown Rice (I added some hot sauce after the picture was taken)
Lunch: Leftover Chili from the night before
Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with Ground Turkey Bolognese and Green Beans
Water Intake: 128.0 oz

Day 11:
Breakfast: Chocolate Protein Smoothie and DECAF Coffee with Cream
Lunch: Southwest Rice and Beans
Dinner: In-N-Out (Clearly not the healthiest choice of places to eat, but I made the best choice I could when I was there and got my burgers protein style, which means they wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun. And I managed to avoid eating fries!! I'll call that a win!)
Water Intake: 88.0 oz

Day 12:
Breakfast: Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Lunch: Quinoa Pasta (which tastes just like regular pasta!) and leftover Turkey Bolognese
Dinner: Pizza. This was my worst meal of the week. It was Halloween and we had family over, and I indulged. I limited myself to just a few pieces though.
Water Intake: 104.9 oz

Day 13:
Breakfast: I forgot to snap a picture, but we went to brunch with some friends, and I had Huevos Rancheros and Potatoes. The place uses mostly whole, organic ingredients. Still not the cleanest item,  because I didn't cook it, but overall this restaurant is probably as close to clean as a restaurant will get.
Lunch: Skipped because we had a late brunch and I was super full.
Dinner: Thai Peanut Beef and Brown Rice. I added some Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese too, just to get some extra veggies and protein.
Water Intake: 109.4

Day 14:
Breakfast: DECAF (but God, did I wish it was Full-Caf) and Cream, Eggs, Brown Rice, Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese
Lunch: Pizza. Stupid leftovers screaming at me from the fridge.
Dinner: Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Water Intake: 110 oz

Like I said before, I'm not trying to be perfect, I'm just trying to be better. I'm a real person doing this on my own, not endorse or paid to do it, and facing real challenges that people might face (like Halloween Candy and going out to eat with friends!). If you are expecting the perfect example of clean eating, I won't be it. But if you are looking for a normal, regular woman that is trying to gain health and fitness, then I'm your gal.

Here's on to Week 3! Wish me luck and success. 

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