Monday, October 27, 2014

Clean Eating Challenge: Week 1

I guess the first thing that you will likely notice about my meals this week, is that I eat a LOT of leftovers. And I'm totally down with that. I have a hard time making small batches of things, and truthfully I don't see the point. I would rather make a big pot of something one night, so that I don't have to make something for lunch the next day, it saves so much time and energy. I'm also a creature of habit, so I tend to eat lots of the same things over and over again, which is why leftovers are cool with me.

Another thing that you might notice, is that I'm not much of a breakfast-food eater. I really have to try hard to eat breakfast for a few reasons, but mostly because I'm just not that hungry in the mornings. But I know it is important to get some protein and a good meal to start my day, even if I'm not starving, it will help me from eating too much later in the day. My mornings are also SUPER busy with the girls, work conference calls, getting all of Rubles' medicines ready for the day, letting the dog in/out, etc. It seems that the busiest part of my day is from 8am to 11am, so finding time to cram food in my mouth is not always the easiest. Smoothies are a go-to for me, and so are leftovers, even if they aren't "typical" breakfast foods. My husband thinks I'm crazy when I eat curry, soup, chili or whatever I have left over for breakfast, but I like those much better than eggs, bacon, pancakes and stuff that most people eat first thing in the morning.

I will also be posting some of the recipes for the things that are "staples" in my clean eating plan, like the Chocolate Protein Smoothies. Some of my recipes are already linked in my blog (like the one for Vegetarian Coconut Curry) so you can check them out there if you would like. I'd love to hear from you, is there a recipe that you see here that you would like to know more about? Shoot me an email or a comment and I can make it happen.

So here is how my week went. Some days were really great, and other days weren't. Overall I'm happy with how I did, but I can definitely step it up next week. I'm not going to be able to change some of my bad habits overnight, but each step forward is a step in the right direction. I'm not a fitness or health expert, just a regular person trying to make some better choices and trying to get healthier. I am hoping that next week there are fewer set-backs and more positive choices.

Below is the picture for each day this week, what I ate listed below, as well as how much water I consumed that day. I use the WaterLog App on my android phone (they have a similar version for iPhones as well) during the day to keep track every time I have some water. Helps remind me how much I need to drink, and helps to hold me accountable.

Day 1:
Breakfast: Chocolate Protein Smoothie 
Lunch: Veggie Sandwich, Sliced Tomatoes, and Marinated Garbanzo Beans 
Dinner: Vegetarian Coconut Curry, Brown Rice
Snacks: None! It was a crazy busy day!
Water Intake: 116.9 oz

*I should add that part of my 101 in 1001 Challenge is doing meatless mondays. That's why there is no meat in these Day 1 meals, it has nothing to do with "clean" eating*

Day 2:
Breakfast: Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Lunch: Leftover Vegetarian Coconut Curry, Marinated Garbanzo Beans
Dinner: Chicken, Black Bean and Butternut Squash Burritos on Whole Wheat Tortillas (they also included fajita veggies, corn and come brown rice)
Water Intake: 164.9 oz

Day 3:
Breakfast: Leftover Vegetarian Coconut Curry (that's the last of it!
Lunch: Left Overs (again!) Black Bean, Chicken and Rice Burrito on Whole Wheat Tortilla, Side of Butternut Squash
Dinner: Avocado Sandwich on Sprouted Ezekiel Bread, Roasted Asparagus
Water Intake: 120 oz

Day 4:
Breakfast: Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Lunch: BLT (with organic Turkey Bacon.... not the cleanest item) on Sprouted Ezekiel Bread, Side of Butternut Squash
Dinner: Pork Chop, Green Beans and Roasted Potatoes
Snacks: Coffee with Half and Half
Water Intake: 93.8 oz

Day 5:
Breakfast: Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Lunch: Falafel Pita w/Avocado, Blue Corn Chips and Salsa
Dinner: Ate out at Chilis, had Chicken Tortilla Soup and a House Salad *I forgot to take a picture of this*
Water Intake: 60 oz

Day 6:
So I'm going to count Day 6 as a wash. Not only did I not eat clean, but I didn't eat anything that was very healthy. I'm not even going to show you the pictures, because I'm so embarrassed about how bad it was. I was at a work meeting, and chose poorly. I also had a long 4 hour drive home, and chose to stop and eat out. It was pretty much the antithesis of eating clean. Now I'm not trying to make excuses, but Day 6 was the 1-year anniversary of Rubes going to the hospital and being put on life support. I had a very emotional day, and chose to eat my feelings instead of just dealing with them, which I completely realize is not a good decision. It's something I've been dealing with my whole life, and not an easy habit to break. Not my finest hour, but it was only one day, that doesn't determine my overall success with this challenge.

If you want to read more about our experience on that first day, and why it was such a tough day for me, check out this link to something I wrote for Listen To Your Mother, which is an amazing theater tour where people share real stories about the topic of motherhood.

Day 7:
Breakfast: 2 Eggs Over Medium
Lunch: Brown Rice, Black Beans and Corn "Slop" (that's what my husband's family calls anything that you combine together in a pan...haha)
Dinner: Leftover Brown Rice, Black Beans, and Corn from lunch, with some cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes
Water Intake: 101.8 oz

Alrighty, I'll be keeping track again this week and I'll post pictures after Day 14 and let you know how I did!

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