Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again!

Hello there! Man with the craziness of the holidays, tons of visitors followed by Scar's birthday and tons more visitors, plus some exciting new adventures (which I'll get to later)... I have been SO busy. But I have really missed this place, and having a outlet for some creativity and writing, so here I am! I'm back... here's what's been going on lately:

1. Scar turned 3 years old, and we had an awesome camping-themed birthday party, I will be making post later of all the fun stuff we made, ate and did! She was such a happy beautiful kid that day (and everyday) and it is just so joyous to see her growing and getting so big!

2. I openend up an Etsy shop! I had been toying around with the idea of opening up a shop, but never pulled the trigger. It has been so much fun, and has kept me pretty busy these last few weeks. I've had about 20 orders so far, and it is just a crazy idea to me that people have stuff that I have made in their home, and that they like it so much that they are willing to pay me for it! Just blows my mind. I keep creating and I'm really hoping to keep enjoying running the shop as much as I am right now.

3. Rubes is doing awesome and her health is maintaining itself well. Her cardiologist did say that her next surgery to replace her pulmonary valve will probably happen between 2nd and 3rd birthdays, so not too far off. It's hard to know when it is going to happen, but we will just play it by ear. Right now she is doing phenomenally though. She was retested at the MIND Institute and was advanced in her verbal skills, but still a little behind in her physical skills. Nothing we can't work on though!

4. I officially resigned from my teaching position for next school year, which was a super big bummer. I REALLY, and I mean REALLY, loved the school I was teaching at, and it felt like such a natural place for me to be as a teacher. I know that is was best for me and Rubes, especially if she needs another surgery during the school year next year, but it was sort of heartbreaking to make a real decision to not come back. My principal and the assistant superintendent (who was my first principal and the guy that hired me) assured me that they would do whatever they could to help me out in the future when it is time for me to go back, which is great. But I'm still pretty sad about it all.

5. I've been working on some decorating and home projects, and I'm  hoping to share some pictures of them completed with you guys very soon. Doing small little tasks around the house has made me feel so much better and more settled in. It makes if feel like this place is really ours, and not the people who owned it before us'.

6. I've got so many things done on my 101 List, I'll keep updating that as well, but I am now over 1/3 of the way done! Such an accomplishment.

Okay, well I'm going to get started on posting some pictures from Scarlett's birthday! Man it feels good to be back.

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